Corporate Social Responsibility

Contributing to the society we live in

What is CSR?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is about being conscious and actively managing the impact we make on our clients, employees, shareholders, local community, environment and society in general.



We ensure that the company is compliant with the United Nations norms, applying the due diligence principle in decision making and operations. The UN recognises sustainable development as a Universal Objective.



Companies, as part of the society, have the duty to comply with internationally accepted regulations related to Human Rights and promote the respect for those rights and freedoms in its own circles of influence.



The CSR is a transversal concept that impacts different areas of company management. All actions must be consistent with the company core activity. There is also an ongoing commitment from the top leadership and Board of Directors

CSR actions

How we live our values

Gender equality

Our colleague Toni received in 2021 the prize of Entrepreneur of the Year for the Sustainable Development Goal 5: Gender equality. We sponsor Django Girls and similar initiatives.

Bet for diversity

We hire PEOPLE and firmly believe that diversity makes us better. We actively search for people who complement us.

Local support

We love to collaborate with local communities. This is why we support the Red Cross, Binissalem municipality Choir, ParcBit, IFISC and the University of the Balearic Islands.

Open source

We have participated in the Python community as sponsors of the PyConES national event since the beginning. We freed code through our Github account and sponsored developments as Django Rest Framework.