We believe in talent and technology applied with Ethics

How we got here?

2023 - New and exciting times at APSL

We are now with Nagarro, one of the world's largest and most dynamic digital services companies.

2022 - Remote first

We are more than 100 people working from different places, consolidating our Remote First organisational strategy. We organise in small teams between 6-9 people to guarantee agility. Our clients’ base in the EU and USA gets consolidated. More sectors add to our portfolio: International Consulting, Retail, Health. We voluntarily pass a financial audit, to be fully in shape for a mandatory one next year.

2021 - Consolidation

We focus on projects applying our Delivery Team model and 24x7 service for Cloud Ops Management. Proud recipients of the “Entrepreneur of the Year” prize from the regional Entrepreneurs Association.

We changed our management and accounting system from cash flow criteria to EBITDA to optimise how we manage our R&D projects.
We launched “APSL Academia”, our on-the-job training programme to onboard new talent remotely.

2020 - COVID

More than 80% of our business is lost, contracts cancelled and renegotiations. We reduce people’s work status under the Employment Regulation Scheme approved by the Government. We reinvent ourselves. We become remote-first and increase our international business. By September we can incorporate all the staff back again at 100%.

2018 - AWS Partners

We increase our R&D and Data Science investment. We include more projects in the Energy and Public Sector area. The team reaches 40 people. We change our accounting management system and adopt Odoo.

2016 - Crossing the ocean

Our client portfolio grows both nationally and internationally. We start working with clients in Latin America, Canada and the Middle East. Also we learn from new sectors: the Finance industry, Logistics and transport, Energy distribution.

2015 - The team grows

The APSL team reaches up to 30 people. We increase our presence to Ibiza and Barcelona. We also include data analytics, data mining and other data oriented services. We adopt Continuous Integration in all our daily operations.

2014 - Logitravel

The Logitravel Group enters as a shareholder. Our team duplicates and we focus on solutions for the Tourism, accommodation and leisure industry.

2011 - First organisational extension

Eleven ¨new-to-role΅ enter the company and we start offering managed IT services working with innovative technologies like Docker and setting up infrastructure on the public cloud with Amazon web services (AWS).

2009 - The beginning

We kick off our journey in Mallorca, Spain.

A group of professionals with extensive experience in the tech sector founded the company to help other companies and entrepreneurs in their digitalisation processes. Betting on agility and efficiency, using specialised technologies and always keeping a focus on transparent and quality service.