Data Management

From governance to information visualisation

The power of the cloud with a solid architecture

We create solutions for business analytics, monitoring and prediction of critical variables

Estructura de datos y herramientas de información para el negocio de redes by carloscastilla

Corporate Information Factory

Implementation of Data Lakes, Data Warehouse and Data Marts, master data and metadata management (MDM), integrations, transformation (ETLs), exploitation and visualisation of information with the possibility of scaling.

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Data Analytics

Development of mathematical and statistical models that, combined with artificial intelligence tools, allow the extracting of the intrinsic value of the data, facilitating business decision making.

AI (Inteligencia Artificial). Aprendizaje profundo. GUI (Interfaz gráfica de usuario) by metamorworks

Business Intelligence

Combined with AI, Big Data facilitates the detection of anomalies, the segmentation of data, the identification of patterns and the design of optimisation processes or models with neural networks.

Visualización de big data. Concepto de análisis de información. Información de secuencia abstracta con matriz cuadrada y código binario. Algoritmos de máquina de filtrado. Clasificación de datos. by ArtHead-

Data Integration and Transformation

Data quality models and ETL development ensure "clean" databases on which to work. Information of the highest quality is generated and inconsistencies are avoided.

Our Tech Stack

We have an excellent set of tools to adapt to your needs


Tool for managing data workflows. It allows us to visually manage the processes and transformations that are applied to the data.

AWS Amazon SageMakers

Fully managed service for building, training, and deploying machine learning models at any scale.

AWS Glue

Preparing data for analysis using automated extract, transform, and load (ETL) processes in the cloud.


Machine Learning as a Service solutions on various cloud-based platforms to solve infrastructure problems.