Cloud Architecture

Grow your activity with security and flexibility

Design and manage secure environments to scale

Go from monolithic applications to environments that allow innovation while controlling costs

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Cloud Architecture & Strategy

Our consultants first audit your infrastructure to determine the strategy that best responds to the needs of your organisation. We guide you in the adoption, migration or optimisation of cloud operations.

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Cloud Management

Leave infrastructure management in our hands (IaaS). We will take care of your operations and monitoring 24/7, of the environments, containers and instances... We will help you to ensure that your development processes include continuous integration and deployment.

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Cloud Team as a Service

If you have an internal Cloud team that requires more capacity in DevOps or Cloud Architecture, we can help you. Increase your long-term cloud management capacity with our FTE model.

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If you are already growing in the cloud, you will have to optimise its use to get the most out of it. Crisis situations, recessions or peaks in demand can be better managed with a cost optimisation strategy in the cloud.

Main advantages of the cloud

A data center that adapts to your needs


Our experience with businesses that manage thousands of requests for information per second allows us to tackle complex projects in a solid way. The cloud grows with your business. You have the machines or the computing power you need at the click of a button.


Our team works to keep your business protected against cyber attacks. A large part of safety depends on the training and prevention that you carry out with your collaborators. The cloud provides an initial layer of security. A solid foundation on which to build and deploy applications.

Real time

The cloud allows you to operate 24/7 and monitor your activity to the second. And our Data team will make sure you get the most out of it.


Licenses that are not used, applications or tools without users. With our FinOps model we help you reduce costs.