Agile Product Development

We build solutions with open source and maximum transparency

The code is always yours

Our work policy mitigates vendor lock-in

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Multifunctional Delivery Team

We build and manage multifunctional teams for your projects. They will be adapted to the needs and evolution of your company, so that you can concentrate on the core activity of your business.

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Scrum & Kanban

We help you implement or improve the use of agile methodologies in your company or organisation with our training courses. And we also offer you practical support on a day-to-day basis.

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Product Management

Do you have a vision of a strategic project for your organisation but do not have the internal capacity to lead it? We help you in the planning and execution of its first phases.

Our Principles

We put the advantages of agile methodologies at your service


We are very realistic and transparent with our clients, and we quickly offer them alternatives in the face of unforeseen events.

Iterations to Innovate

We adjust budgets by phasing and focusing on delivering value. We adapt priorities and specifications.

Long Term

We propose solutions with a vision of the future so that you can minimise the risks of technological debt and maintenance costs.

Open Source

Open source is part of our DNA. It accelerates innovation and sets you free from licence and vendor lock-in.