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We are a team in constant search of innovative people with a great capacity for learning.

If you are passionate about free software, we will be delighted to meet you. Also if you are interested in technologies such as Python, Django, HTML5, CSS3, React, Postgres, Linux, MongoDB, Storm, Kibana, Redis, Celery, REST, Amazon AWS or Kedro (not all of them are necessary, and we are happy if you have additional experience).

Sometimes we do not have active job offers, but we always like to make contact with people who want to collaborate and provide us with knowledge. If you like what you have seen here, do not hesitate to send us your CV and you will hear from us soon.

Thank you! :)

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Active offers

Digital Solutions

We wish to incorporate in our team a Front End Developer (Javascript/Typescript/CSS3/HTML5) with experience developing on Vue and React, capacity to work within a team and good english level.

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We want to incorporate into our team a Python/Django programmer with more than 5 years of experience in development on the Django framework, Django Rest Framework and experience in teamwork and a good level of English.

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Cloud Architecture

We are looking for a person who:

  • With initiative, able to work in a team but also autonomously.
  • With experience managing cloud infrastructure oriented to web applications.
  • With a GNU/Linux background who understands everything from how operating systems work to how packages circulate over the network.
  • Knowledge of using and orchestrating containers with Docker, Kubernetes or ECS.
  • Programming skills for scripting and internal tool development.
  • Experience using infrastructure as code with something like Terraform, CloudFormation, SaltStack or similar.

The profile we are looking for is a person who, once familiar with our way of working, can take a project without difficulties in the technical part and ideally take the leadership of it, even delegating work to colleagues if the project requires.

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What if we don't have a vacancy for your profile?

Don’t worry if there are no active job offers for you right now; We don't work like that either. We are interested in you getting to know us and us getting to know you, so please send us your CV. If you like what you see and we like what we see, the opportunity will come sooner or later.

Do you have a project in mind?

If so, please contact us.


APSL Values

Attitude, People, Solutions, Leadership


We appreciate passion, commitment and focus towards evolution and continuous improvement. This translates into transparency and honesty in our collaboration with colleagues, suppliers and clients.


People at the centre. "Individuals and interactions over processes and tools”. Technology shall facilitate our lives, however we can't forget we are human beings. We recognise talent and create an environment where technicians can evolve and learn, with continuous challenges that allow evolution.


Our expertise and core business is to provide solutions. Our innovation and talent ecosystem is in continuous development to offer the best solution per customer. We adapt to the business and its needs.


We are rich with committed, diverse and specialised talent. We believe each one has something to teach and something to learn. We do not limit ourselves to being executive, rather we also contribute our knowledge to each project we work at.

Where are we?

Edificio Europa - Planta baja. Galileo Galilei, s/n. Parc Bit. 07121 Palma (Mallorca).