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We create comprehensive data management systems that convert them into valuable information for decision making.

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AWS Glue, S3, Athena, Step Function, and CloudWatch. PostgreSQL and Power BI

Reinforcement of business management

We build Data as a Service (DaaS) platforms for decision making based on the capture, storage and processing of large amounts of data, in realistic time scales and affordable costs for our clients.

To do this, we rely on the Corporate Information Factory (CIF) paradigm, a model created by William H. Inmon that is based on the creation of a centralised repository that brings together, at the highest level of detail, the data related to the activity of the company or organisation. Thus, a consolidated source of information is created that later allows its exploitation.

How we value data

We work on several levels, or layers: origin, download, cleaning (or transformation), preparation and exploitation of the data.

First, the relevant sources (APIs, Google Analytics, PMS, CRMs...) are identified and "downloaded" to the repository, the Data Lake. Then they are "cleaned" and the related ones are combined to prepare them for specific uses (customer databases and their purchases, leads and opportunities, time entries and affected projects...), in what are called Data Marts.

At the last level, our business intelligence tools generate reports tailored to the needs of the different departments of the company. And the exploitation of information can also be active, for example to discover patterns in customers or predict sales behavior.

The team

Our Data Science Department is made up of professionals with different profiles.

Data engineer
Data Engineer
Data Architect
Data Architect
Cloud Architect
Cloud Architect
Data Scientist
Data Scientist

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