Digital Solutions A system for all your multimedia content

Our DAM Framework will allow you to maintain control of all your files, in addition to preventing you from paying more than once for the same image.

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Customer Companies and Public Administrations

Python and Django

The challenge

Optimise resources

Do you have your photos and videos well classified? Do all your colleagues and collaborators find what they need? Do you know what quality or authorship each material has? Are you interested in controlling who can edit it, download it or just view it? Are you clear about its conditions of use?

Producto DAM

The solution

A personalised system

In a short period of time, APSL can adapt its digital resource management software to the needs of your organisation and each member of your work teams.

The tool offers the possibility of operating with various roles and users, it is multilingual and it is designed for the storage, organisation, processing and distribution of files of all kinds (graphics, audiovisual, textual...). It has multiple file classification criteria, geolocation and an open API system that facilitates integration with third parties.

Among other benefits, this solution facilitates direct contact with the original source of the resources and warns in the event that the payment for the use of any of them is going to be doubled.

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