Cloud Architecture IaaS: Infrastructure as a Service

In 2016 we won the bid for the IaaS provisioning services of web hosting and backups, and their technical support.

Customer Barcelona City Hall

AWS (Amazon Web Services)

What did we do?

In 2016 we won the bid for the IaaS provisioning services of web hosting and backups, and their technical support, for the LAMP websites of the Barcelona City Council (Drupal, Wordpress, mainly).

To do so, we implemented our Services and Infrastructure Operations Center, resulting in the improvement of the overall efficiency of the service.

For more than three years we have operated the public cloud infrastructure of the Ajuntament de Barcelona, including not only the dynamic provisioning of the infrastructure, in a scalable and flexible way, but also the management of backups and governance tools, APIs, and highly specialized technical support.

How did we do it?

In order to respond to the needs of the City Council, we established the Services and Infrastructure Operations Center, our cloud managed services proposal.

Through this organization, we were able to bring together the best practices, processes, tools, knowledge and people needed to provide optimal service management.

The use of declarative tools made it possible to manage the infrastructure as code (IaC) allowing us not only to leverage work efforts but also to keep all changes and operations under version control, as well as to self-document all hosting configurations and standardize operations.

We defined a multi-cloud strategy, aimed at facilitating migration between applications and maintaining a more centralized management.

We are committed to automation in order to reduce incident resolution times, which in turn allows scaling while maintaining cost control and reducing errors.

We consider training and continuous improvement an essential part of our work, not only internally but also for the rest of the key people involved.



Enhancing technological sovereignty

Gaining autonomy and control on the customer's behalf when considering hosting options. Infrastructure management as code facilitates migration and mobility between platforms.


More efficient creation, delivery and management

Of the hosting and provisioning service, in a multi-cloud and multi-service environment.