APSL Develops an Artificial Intelligence Tool for the Legal Field

May 30, 2024 · 2 min read


The Mallorcan tech company APSL, part of the multinational tech giant Nagarro, has developed a legal artificial intelligence tool for the law firm DMS Legal. The AI tool, named IALaboral, is already operational and is capable of resolving labor-related queries and drafting and interpreting legal texts.

The primary goal of IALaboral is to streamline the understanding and preparation of any labor document with legal precision. Both APSL and DMS have always worked with the objective of ensuring that the AI correctly cites the applicable legislation. IALaboral is fed with public domain legislation, complemented by DMS Legal’s specialized knowledge and experience in the labor field.

Antoni Aloy, CEO of APSL and Co-Founder of Nagarro, highlighted that "Generative AI is both an opportunity and a challenge. It presents evident difficulties in content control, processing capacity, and regulation, which technicians and legislators worldwide are working on, but it is an extraordinary productivity tool, and we must explore all its possibilities."

José Manuel Raya, a partner at DMS Legal, explained that "it serves as a consultation guide broken down into labor topics, with sections on labor procedure, inspections and sanctions, disciplinary dismissal, measures for objective causes, measures for labor rights, among others."

IALaboral stands out for its specialized focus, avoiding the inclusion of information outside its scope. This thematic specialization ensures that the responses are precise and relevant, providing greater security compared to generic AIs that may offer incorrect jurisprudence.

APSL, a Nagarro company, has been working in the Data and Artificial Intelligence area for six years, under the direction of Dr. Juan Carlos González-Avella, developing AI chatbots and machine learning applications to optimize processes. The company has implemented AI in various sectors, addressing use cases such as anomaly detection, automation of repetitive processes, content generation, and user sentiment analysis.

Moreover, Nagarro continues to work on AI projects in the banking and consultancy sectors, always focusing on internal use to protect data privacy. With IALaboral, we hope to offer a tool that not only facilitates the daily work of legal professionals but also sets a new standard in the use of artificial intelligence in the legal field.

About DMS Legal

DMS Legal is a law firm dedicated to offering innovative and specialized legal solutions in the labor field. With a team of experienced professionals, DMS Legal is committed to providing high-quality legal advice and representation.

About APSL, a Nagarro company

APSL was founded in 2009 and currently has 125 employees distributed across much of Spain. Since 2023, it has been part of Nagarro, a multinational with a presence in 36 countries and over 18,500 employees.

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