APSL presents an intelligent citizen service platform to the town halls of Mallorca

May 8, 2024 · 2 min read

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The Mallorcan technology company, together with technicians from the Barcelona City Council, has unveiled the development through which Barcelona manages citizen requests and incidents.

Palma, May 8, 2024-. The Mallorcan technology company APSL a Nagarro Company, presented this Tuesday at the Santa Catarina Wineries, NIRIS: the intelligent citizen service platform in the town halls of Mallorca and representatives of the Government of the Balearic Islands.

This platform, in its current version, has been operational since 2021 at the Barcelona City Council, where more than 300,000 citizen requests are managed annually, and at the A Coruña City Council, which adopted it in 2022. Both city councils have managed to reduce classification errors by 50% and significantly reduce response and resolution times.

Antoni Aloy, CEO of APSL, explained that "as a Mallorcan company, we want to make available to the town halls of Mallorca a tool that is working and yielding results in town halls outside the island. We want to contribute to the local community with technology that serves to offer solutions to citizens and our public administrations."

NIRIS has a public portal where citizens incorporate different requests, complaints, incidents, and acknowledgments, and these are automatically classified based on Artificial Intelligence. This fact is the differential with the rest of the current citizen service platforms.

This public portal also allows citizens to track the request in real-time, and the system is prepared to provide a response once the request is resolved, which improves communication with the residents of the municipality that has adopted the solution.

During the event, Xavier Socastro, Head of the Department of Incident Evaluation and Quality of the Barcelona City Council, offered an explanation of how the platform is used in Barcelona. On the other hand, a demonstration of the employee management portal was carried out, showing the distribution of tasks and all the details of each of the requests made by citizens.

The IRIS platform has been developed by the Barcelona City Council from 2005 until in 2019, APSL took over the development of the second version to improve the user interface and process flows, also adding a classification of requests incorporating Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Since 2021, this version has been operational in Barcelona and was released as open-source. In 2022 it was adopted by A Coruña, and in 2023, the version called NIRIS was born to facilitate implementation in all types of town halls.

APSL was founded in 2009 and currently has 125 employees. Since 2023, it has been part of Nagarro, a multinational company with a presence in 36 countries and more than 18,500 employees.

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