"Building Your Application with React Native", our first publication with PacktPub

Feb. 2, 2018 · 2 min read


Designing, building and developing a mobile app has always been a challenging process because all of the inherent complexity of the dominant platforms (iOS & Android). But this has changed since the introduction of React Native, which has enabled a lot of developers to deliver first-class native-view backed apps with the ease of use of React, JavaScript and all of its tooling.

React Native at APSL

Since we switched from AngularJS & Ionic Framework to React Native, we managed to deliver more than ten apps to our customers, for both iOS and Android. This is a huge step forward from our previous tech stack, when we struggled (and failed!) to deliver a single Ionic Framework app with a team of three.

We went from writing a lot of boilerplate AngularJS code and fighting against the app performance for simple interactions to 60fps scroll, super fast development cycles and less buggy apps. How we did that? With React Native. Now it's time for you to learn this technology and start shipping stuff 🚀

PacktPub videos

If you're already excited by the technology and asking yourself how you can learn React Native, now you can start doing that with one of our newest products, our PacktPub React Native course Building Your Application with React Native

We have published the first series of videos to learn React Native through the PacktPub platform. In this series of videos you will learn the basics of React Native, but not only that. You will also learn how to go from an initial idea to a published app, going through the wireframe, mocking, design and development steps like we usually do here with our customers.

There's a second React Native group of videos coming shortly that completes this initial course. Both products include videos, assessments, source code for the demos and also you can reach me at amedina at apsl.net to ask for help & support. Somea folks have already contacted me with very interesting React Native questions and also left very nice comments, like Jakub from Poland:

"Jakub from Poland here. I am now learning React Native from your video. As far as I watched - very good introduction course."

If you've ever wanted to build mobile apps and have programming experience background, jump into this PacktPub series :)

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