Your company is not Tesla

June 22, 2022 · 2 min read

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No, your company is not Tesla, or Google, or Meta, or... No, neither is ours. These companies and their CEOs make big announcements, they set trends that we often rush to follow, either because they validate our own convictions or simply because if they do it, it must be a good idea, right?

We forget that these companies move through totally different dynamics from the rest of typical technology companies. They have immense size, resources to bore, huge public relations departments and, let's not forget, shareholders. Stocks that rise or fall according to the statements of their CEOs.

We are aware of who we are: a growing company of over 100 people at the time of writing this. We are a company focused on people, talent and growth. Involved with our clients and with our environment.

Size matters in a company. Now we can invest in projects that we only dreamed of a few years ago. We have been able to dedicate part of the time of our most senior people to training the people who join. We have been able to provide months of training for newcomers, so that when they join the teams everything flows.

We continue teleworking, since teleworking has not only increased our performance and efficiency, but also allows us to better reconcile work and family. Avoid commuting, allow people to personalise their workplace, eat at home with the family, organise their life and no, we do not save on offices.

We have fewer offices, but the budget has gone to parties and events. It is another way of investing, I think that everyone likes it more. We promote local trade, of course.

Being a people-oriented company means treating people like adults. We are adult and responsible people, aware of what is expected of us, without the need for command and control as a management tool. No, no unpaid overtime, no viewing people as expendable resources.

What works for big corporations doesn't work for us. We do not seek to follow what the greats do, since we know that even if they succeed, we are not large enough to put some ideas into practice and the truth is that some of them do not interest us either.

Of course that is if they succeed. The failed projects of large corporations are a graveyard for elephants. Projects and ideas with a lot of publicity that come to nothing, also dragging down the people who bet on them. Little is said about that.

We can take the example of good ideas, but we always have to adapt them to the size of our company, to our culture and not make a dogma of faith of the announcements made by the media CEO on duty.

We have a critical spirit and we don't mind being different.

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