Artificial Intelligence AI for public service information on covid

During the outbreak of the pandemic, the Balearic Ministry of Health made a virtual assistant available to citizens to answer questions about the health crisis.

Ir a
Customer Government of the Balearic Islands

Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning

Public information

The Ministry of Health, the Balearic Islands Health Research Institute published, at the beginning of the pandemic, a call to allocate European funds to innovative projects that seek to investigate and develop solutions to combat the spread of the virus.

APSL presented a proposal to enable a new communication channel with citizens that would allow dealing with large numbers of queries instantly. Thus, it could relieve the pressure on the telephone assistance service that the Autonomous Government had created during office hours, and complement the public service information provided by other means.

The solution

A chatbot FAQ

In response to the needs described above, Botibot Covid-19, a solution based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, was developed and implemented.

The chatbot FAQ was created to be able to register, identify and answer the main doubts of the Balearic citizens in relation to the health emergency 24 hours a day, automatically and immediately. Botibot Covid-19 attended in Spanish and Catalan, and had the capacity to answer more than 300 questions on fourteen thematic areas.

The project was executed in collaboration with the General Directorate of Public Health, which dedicated a team of nurses, doctors, psychologists, and social service professionals to creating and keeping the chatbot's knowledge base up to date.

Within ten weeks of launching the bot, the efficiency of its neural network had reached 80%. Users rated more than 64% of the responses they received as helpful.

The chatbot we rely on to report on the COVID19 pandemic helped us organize the information we use to answer citizen questions on our hotline. We rely on it to digitally reach populations that don't typically use official phone numbers. It changed the way we work. We are very grateful to the team!

Maria Department of health promotion

The team

The APSL Data and AI Department has a multidisciplinary team specialized in chatbots.

Doctor of Physics
Computational linguist
Native bilingual content editor
Software engineer
Systems engineer
Graphic designer
Agile Coach

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