Artificial Intelligence AI for the Public Sector

Automatic classification of citizens queries and complaints

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Customer Barcelona City Hall

Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing

The problem

Users investing too much time and effort

The City Hall former operational system required public servants to classify manually one by one more than 300.000 queries per year.

Whenever someone wished to send a complaint or suggestion to the City Hall, she had to choose the correct administrative area from a list of... 1500 options!

In case of mistake, the query was redirected among the areas in order to find the right person to manage it. 50% of received communications had to be reassigned.

The result

AI simplifies the process

Classification process now is very simple thanks to the module created by APSL, known as MARIO. It it based on automatic learning algorithms - machine learning and natural language processing (part of AI technology).

MARIO suggests most probable categories to the user after reading the free text introduced to describe the incident, making it easier for citizens to decide which is the most suitable to send their demand.

The Barcelona City Hall is now efficiently managing the queries and complaints from citizens, directing them to the appropriate area.

The solution

Classification process automation

Correct classification is highly important to determine which department receives the query, complaint or suggestion. Classification mistakes lead to useless answers and delays in the incidents resolution.

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years of information

APSL processed thousands of requirements and created the Information Architecture that makes it possible to manage queries and complaints faster.

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of effectiveness

thanks to the AI, the citizens service has improved and the repetitive task of classification is avoided.

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