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Building long-term relationships as trusted partners is a valuable asset for our clients allowing them to draw on the expertise and resources of our organisation.

Customer TUI Musement

Python, Django

I have worked with APSL on several projects, this has developed into a strong partnership delivering high-quality solutions that deliver on business goals.

Tracey Green Lead Product Manager - Customer Care

The APSL interdisciplinary team

Working together to achieve a common goal

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The Challenge

Spearheading innovation

TUI Musement is an integral part of one of the world’s leading tourism groups at the forefront of technology implementation in the Tours & Activities market. With a strong, agile digital culture, they prioritise speed, courage, data-driven decision-making and, most importantly, a focus on their guests' needs and wants.

APSL has built a strong and productive partnership with TUI and has collaborated on many different projects together over the course of the last seven years. The challenge for APSL is to keep one step ahead of technology dynamics and be there to contribute to and support the TUI Musement team.

What we have achieved together

One of the most significant achievements has been the development of a project built with the goal of easing the delivery of destination content to the TUI representatives at destination and managers. Instead of having a manual or book that has to be read from start to finish they now have an updateable resource for people to quickly and efficiently find the correct information.

Over time, the project has grown, evolved and succeeded, and now with over 850 pages, the platform allows linking to videos, documents, and forms, and generates links between content within the platform, while the iPad/mobile version offers a great user experience to consume the content.

The project vision is leveraging the platform in order to continue providing a great experience to the Reps and Managers and to make it easier for them to find the most suitable excursions and products to offer to the TUI guests.


The customer is king

Quick, easy access to fresh and accurate content gives the TUI Musement team the tools to bring the best quality experiences to their customers.


Agile Development

Using agile development practices allows our teams to work collaboratively and iteratively, delivering features and updates to the platform quickly and frequently.


Confidence in development & deployment

The support provided by APSL in improving the TUI Musement team's skills and capabilities in Python and Django technologies allows them to develop and maintain projects more efficiently and effectively.