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Providing data integrations for an international hotel group with a comprehensive approach that considers the specific data requirements, training, development...

Customer Barceló

Python, Django

Working with APSL Team is simply a pleasure. They always provide first-class service, offering advanced technology and professionals to tackle our current business problems in the best way. We feel as if we were working within the same internal team, always reachable and honest.

Gabriel Ripoll BI & ML Manager – Digital Business

The APSL interdisciplinary team

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The Challenge

Designing, creating, testing, and maintaining software

The Barceló Hotel Group, which has more than 250 hotels in 22 countries was founded in 1931 in Mallorca by Simon Barcelo. The company is still owned and managed by the third generation of the Barceló family.

Barceló approached APSL to enhance and bolster its development capabilities. Over the past five years, APSL has aided their team, with a focus on Python and Django projects including the provision of training courses.

What did we achieve together?

Real-time data analytics

APSL, using ETL (Extract, Transform & Load) technologies have been able to integrate data from internal systems and external sources. By extracting pricing data from these sources and loading it into a centralised database platform, Barceló can compare prices across their ecosystem and identify any discrepancies.

This information is critical to ensure that all third-party colleagues, such as travel agencies or booking sites, are operating within the contracted guidelines.

During the months following the initial deployment of the platform, the results were validated, adjustments were made and after evaluating the results, the decision was made to carry out the deployment to a new Barceló AWS environment.

The validation was based on measuring the price discrepancy between data from different systems, ingesting it from Barceló preferred CRS as well as external sites like Google Hotel Ads. This whole process is done with anonymized data that is traceable and compliant.

An algorithm is applied between the correlated reservations to detect any kind of discrepancy in prices. Reservations’ information is deleted from the comparison system once they expire.


Training and support

APSL has helped Barceló's team to improve their skills and capabilities in Python & Django technologies, which has resulted in more efficient and effective development practices.


Keeping it fresh

Working with an external provider like APSL can bring fresh perspectives and ideas to the table, helping Barceló to stay current with technology trends and innovation.


Staying Competitive

Access to competitive pricing data and insights gives Barceló a strategic advantage in the market, enabling them to adjust their pricing strategies to remain competitive, ensure brand integrity and attract customers.