Artificial Intelligence Data team as a service to model & deploy solutions

Working with a global shoe retailer to develop innovation projects from proof of concept (PoC) to scalable tools running in the cloud.

Customer Camper

Kedro, FastAPI, Google Cloud, Django, Plotly

Sales forecasting tools evaluation

Modelling with Big Data and AI

Camper from humble beginnings in Mallorca, has grown into a global brand with more than 400 stores.

To maintain the pace of modernisation Camper was actively looking to bolster the Data and AI department capabilities. The Teams as a Service approach offered by APSL provided a flexible solution for Camper which was able to efficiently allocate specific skills to the areas most critical to its business.

The APSL team were first tasked to develop a Proof of Concept for a bespoken model that Camper could use to accurately predict daily, weekly, and monthly sales of all styles by country. The model was tailored to Camper's unique variables and could predict sales even after the COVID-19 pandemic. In the end, the PoC served Camper to prioritise requirements and select a specialised vendor to develop and manage the solution and service related.

The APSL Team

Flexible, comprehensive and agile

Data Scientist
Cloud Architect
Data Engineer
Project Manager

Recommendation system powered by AI

Reduced time to market for innovation

One of the most significant achievements was the development utilising Big Data and AI of a platform to provide a visual database of shoe styles and their alternatives. The artificial intelligence algorithm developed by an external partner, was deployed and scaled to be able to support: a) B2C Camper website that provides customers recommendations of items based on previous searches, b) Search the 40 years shoe catalog for the design team to be inspired, c) Provide retail shops with access to information about SKUs and inventory and d) Make the sales inventory available real time for the sales staff. This was a complex project, requiring the expertise and dedication of the APSL Data Science team in collaboration with other vendors.

As a global company, the Camper innovation ecosystem also includes collaboration with Universities, start-ups and suppliers testing new product features. APSL is proud to be part of this engine that takes the best of each organisation. The Delivery team's capacity to scale and provide robustness to basic models and algorithms created by entrepreneurs from all over the world guarantees the ability to reduce the time to market for innovation.


IT team flexibility

Camper can enhance IT projects quickly without requiring long-term contracts or significant upfront investments.


Scaling up confidence

Camper has gained confidence in successfully adopting and scaling industry-specific solutions, which provide long-term benefits to the company.


Software resilience

The Camper team can rely on APSL to provide technological robustness and continuous innovation, which helps them stay at the forefront of the retail shoe industry.