My (our) experience at the React Native EU 2018

Sept. 14, 2018 · 3 min read

React Native EU 2018

My (our) experience at the React Native EU 2018

The past 4th september the APSL mobile team had the opportunity to attend, possibly, one of the biggest conferences about technology, the React Native EU 2018. To get you in situation, I'm going to explain what is React Native and the value it brings to the mobile team and APSL in general.

What is React Native and what does it bring us?

If we take into account the definition of the website itself, React Native lets you build mobile apps using only JavaScript (a programming language web-oriented) and React

With React Native, we can build user interfaces in a efficient and interactive way. The value it brings to APSL is immense, as it allows us to build applications of an excellent quality and with appropriate periods and quite acceptable, so that our customers receive a product according to their requirements.

React Native EU 2018

Before going on into details about the conference, I want to clarify that this is the first time that I am an attendee of such events, so I want to show my point of view.

As I was explaining at the beggining of the article, the React Native EU is possibly one of the biggest conferences about technology and in particular, about React Native. This year, the conference was held at the Wroclaw Congress Center, Poland. The congress was only a few minutes to the center, so it was very reachable to travel as much as walking or using Uber services.

Like the past year, Callstack organises the event, counting on sponsors like Infinite Red, AWS and supporters like GraphQL Finland or PlayStation, among others.

As soon as we arrive to the congress and made the check-in the first day, Callstack gave us with a special event bag, which it had a beer (so good, furthermore it was made for the event itself!) and a couple of stickers to embellish our devices. Of course, on the other side of the building the sponsors were waiting to gave us more t-shirts and stickers (we took all that we could for our colleagues as well :D).

The first hour was exclusively to present the event, but then the talks started, one after the other and always with some break to have a snack and talk with people around. Talking about people, we could met people around the globe, we spoke about our jobs, companies and even passions and motivations. We also met Facebook people that explained us in more depth how the framework works.

After the talks of the first day, the final event was waiting for us, an evening meal where all developers were present. The event was organized at the congress park (an amazing atmosphere and music).

The conference took two days to finish, very intensive days which we could learn more about the tech that moves APSL mobile team. The last day, at the end of the afternoon, a Q&A panel was organized. After that, the conferenced was concluded.


I only want to congratulate Callstack team for their work and organise a great event on which we could learn and enjoy. Not only thank them, but also the speakers and all the people who made the event possible. And of course, thanks to APSL, for offering me the opportunity to travel and learn with them. I would also like to thank Álvaro, my partner and leader of the mobile team for accompanying me and enduring my terrible conversations in English (maybe it's time to practice on the team :D).

I you want to know more about the projects we launched, we invite you to see our portfolio and if you are also interested, we also collaborate with the open-source community at Github.

Thank you and see you next year, React Native EU!

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