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Artificial Intelligence

Automate repetitive tasks and unleash talent

We teach machines to execute value-added processes

Leverage our AI tools to drive your digital transformation


Natural Language Processing

We use AI to monitor the satisfaction of users of various services, we create and manage chatbots of different types, such as those specialised in responding to frequent queries on various subjects.


Image Recognition

We make it easy for your customers to find items in inventory, automatically recommend similar products, or pre-fill forms. We also streamline management processes and access control, among others.


Analysis and Prediction of Time Series

Using autoregressive models (ARIMA), recurrent neural networks (LSTM) and Transformer networks, we reliably forecast the future evolution of key business variables for managing your organisation.


Optimisation of Operations and Prices

We create smart algorithms to check prices and detect anomalies. We have experience in optimising wind farm maintenance and electricity costs in the renewable energy sector.

Our tools

We stand on the shoulders of giants


Natural Language Processing and Transformer networks to analyse human language and communication with machines.


Convolutional neural networks and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for the recognition and treatment of images.

Temporal Series

Autoregressive models and recurrent neural networks to facilitate the analysis and processing of time series.

Patterns in Data

Intelligent algorithms and mathematical, statistical and probabilistic models to identify patterns in massive data.