Collaboration agreement with Quabu

Nov. 7, 2022 · 2 min read


The CEO of APSL Tech, Antoni Aloy, and the co-founder of Quabu Solutions Jesús del Campo have signed a strategic collaboration agreement to take advantage of the synergies stemming from their respective technological specialties.

Under the agreement, signed last Friday in Barcelona, ​​APSL and Quabu will be able to expand their offer of services and mutually benefit from the activity carried out from the Balearic Islands and Catalonia with clients from the main productive sectors of the Mediterranean arc.

Thus, APSL can rely on Quabu's specialisation in the Atlassian suite and blockchain traceability while providing Quabu with its solutions and technologies in artificial intelligence, development & operations, and infrastructure. What is especially interesting for APSL is the possibility of providing a comprehensive service for the project and issue tracking software Jira, an Atlassian tool used by many of its customers.

The collaboration framework agreement is the result of a cooperation process that began four years ago, it articulates both companies' relationship in terms of preparing and presenting joint offers to current and future clients. The agreement also establishes a preferential relationship between both companies when it comes to expanding their businesses, both in the national and international markets.

The idea of taking even more advantage of the synergy between the two technology consultancies began to take shape during the visit of the Quabu directors to the APSL offices in Palma last September when both parties came to truly appreciate the opportunity that collaboration could offer.-


The CEO of APSL, Antoni Aloy, together with the founders of Quabu, Jesús del Campo and Xavier Cabanach, in Palma after the meeting on September 16.

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